OF LIKE MINDS is here to grow compassion. OF LIKE MINDS is here to gather community. OF LIKE MINDS is here to gift the best psilocybin products from Seattle's legacy cultivators and manufacturers. OF LIKE MINDS is here for the journey. And the journey begins with an open and curious mind.

OF LIKE MINDS creates education, products, and experiences to optimize well-being through altered states of consciousness.

Based in the decriminalized City of Seattle, OF LIKE MINDS is a community committed to harm reduction interventions to safely navigate psilocybin procurement, consumption, and integration. OF LIKE MINDS product assortment represents the best psilocybin products from legacy Seattle cultivators, producers, and manufacturers.

In accordance with Seattle's decriminalization ordinance, all psilocybin goods are offered as a✨GIFT✨with each Guide to Psilocybin purchase. An OF LIKE MINDS digital download series created to get the most out of magic, each product-specific Guide to Psilocybin is an instructional & inspirational PDF formatted for a smartphone as a file, note, or album.

Just as the information synthesized in the Guide series was generously imparted to us for the greatest good, OF LIKE MINDS freely shares all content on all our channels to all who may benefit.