By law, as the recipient of the package that contains your OF LIKE MINDS order, our customers are liable for its contents. In this case, while decriminalized in Seattle, psilocybin remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the US punishable by state and federal laws. Operators like OF LIKE MINDS understand and value the shared trust a transaction like this requires.

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When stored in a dark dry place at room temperature, OF LIKE MINDS microdose capsules can last anywhere from 2-3 years until eventually losing some of their efficacy.

Our mushrooms are locally-sourced and organically grown using grain substrate and coconut coir. We pride ourselves on no BS (literally).


People choose to use psilocybin to achieve an “improved sense of well-being” and report improved mental health symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and PTSD

This depends on contributing factors to an overall experience, including dosage, set, setting, and extra- pharmacological elements

Studies show that one’s mindset can change when one's setting changes. Unexpected interactions with medical staff or law enforcement may increase the risk of anxiety.

Research shows a correlation between bad trips as they relate to “health problems” when psilocybin is used with other substances, specifically alcohol.